You’ve done your research and decided to take the dive and invest in video marketing for your business.

Good for you!

What comes after that, though?

How do you make your video marketing efforts truly impactful?

Not by making videos just for your social media platforms.

…Yes, doing that is great because it reaches a wider audience, but videos like those are meant to gain new leads and convert warm connections.

Your video marketing should be different for your targeted audience – those who know you and who may have used your services before.

So how can you use video for your email marketing campaigns?

LET YOUR AUDIENCE KNOW WHAT YOU’VE BEEN UP TO – These are your targeted audiences. With video, you can be more engaging and give that personal touch that conveys they matter to you.

SHOWCASE WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER – Give your subscribers a run down of what you have to offer? Have a cool product to share or a new promo? A video about those will have a better impact.

SHARE TESTIMONIALS AND REVIEWS – Let your subscribers feel the community they belong to with your brand by sharing reviews and testimonials from clients just like them.

Video marketing can really do wonders for your email marketing efforts. Focus on simple, personable and engaging content and you’re well on your way to even greater success.