What is a Sales Funnel?

Some of you may have heard of this term ‘Sales Funnels’ when people talk about digital marketing. What is it? Is it a physical funnel used for sales?

Or you may have seen it and go… ”Ah, it’s just a landing page.” Uh-uh..It’s more than just a landing page. It’s a direct marketing system that has been around for decades, built around the psychology of consumer behaviours to encourage conversion.

These days, the term Sales Funnels refers to the application on digital platforms. So how does it work?

It works around 3 key aspects – the hook, story, and offer.

First you have to hook your audiences’ attention, usually through a paid social media ad, to lure them to a great offer.

Next you tell them a story. Not just any story, but one which people can relate to emotionally. The emotion changes their state and makes them want to buy.

Now that they are keen to buy, offer them an irresistible offer – nope, it is not about slashing crazy prices, it’s about creating value around what they need besides that one item which you want to sell them. Offer help around the objections that they may have and add on to what else they may need, till they say,”Wow, this is great value for money!”?

The combination of good copywriting, visuals, the structure and flow of what you tell your audience as they read through your landing page, leads to a conversion.

Now I hope you have gotten a gist and better idea of what a sales funnel is.