Running a business is a lifestyle – if you’re really committed to the work and not just there to reap rewards.

(And FYI, if you don’t have commitment, there aren’t many rewards to reap, anyway!)

Everyday there’s so much to do and most days it’s like you’re on autopilot. ✈️

There are deadlines to deal with and contracts to close – pretty much sight is focused on the NOW and all the things that need to be attended to.

It’s a good reminder, though, that to be successful in business, there are three sight tools you need. They’re your dependable tools as you go along so you can see your business in different perspectives – to have a sight not only on the NOW.

REAR VIEW MIRROR: There’s a whole lot of value in looking back at how far you’ve gone and the roadblocks and all the traffic stops and jams you’ve needed to navigate to get to where you are. Your business is the successful one it is now because of the choices that you made before (whether right or wrong).

It’s good to keep that in mind as you go along…

MAGNIFYING GLASS: This works in tandem with the rear view mirror tool. You need this to be able to look objectively at your business NOW in relation to where you were before. The insight that you will gain from this is a treasure trove that will help you as you push your business forward.

TELESCOPE: A plan is very important to business success and looking forward towards the things you want your business to attain and what you want it to be is a good perspective to look at every so often. Looking through the telescope into the future of your business will give you the foresight necessary to drive your business forward.

So keep in mind these sight tools and utilise them well.