You should know that we at Learns Marketing had produced well over 800 videos for our clients over the past 4 years. 🥳

And when I lay claim to this figure, there isn’t a bit of exaggeration as my team and I have been involved in every step of the idea conceptualisation, storyboarding, shooting, directing, and the editing for every 1 of these videos. 😉

So after creating so many videos, I began to wonder what are the different types of videos that we had done… I mean, you would be familiar with the storytelling videos that we are renowned for, right?

Hence, I thought of creating this new series to present to you the 8 types of videos that Learns Marketing can do for you…

…starting with the first – the Learns Impactful Short Video. 😎

While I explain what this video is, what you are watching is exactly that!
Let me know what you think.

Like I always say… “Why be Different, when you can be Differenter?”

If you want to know how to get one of these videos to make yourself Differenter, just send a message here or to me – Colin Goh.