Nas Daily… Who doesn’t know their brand of videos?

Nuseir Yassin (that’s his real name) has made his 1-min videos so popular that he has created an entirely new type of video! 👍🏼😊

Here at Learns, we also need to jump onto the bandwagon because the Nas Daily style of video has been so popular and sought-after.

But we don’t just take Nas Daily’s video format wholesale… We have created a 4th type of video that we can call our own…

…the Learns Invigorating Nas Daily Style Videos! 🤗

Watch this video and let me know what you think.

Quite a number of clients have asked to make this type of video for them. Would you like to as well? Well, if so, just send me a message here.

See you in the next totally Differenter video where I present to you a 5th type of video that we do! And if you are someone who loves to educate your audience, this is best for you! 😉

“Why be Different, when you can be Differenter?” – Colin Goh