Colin & Jessica

Throughout its operations since 2015, Learns Marketing (then known as LearnSuperMart Marketing) has helped dozens of businesses and individuals lift their corporate and personal branding, as well as increase company revenues by up to 20-fold, through developing and executing over a thousand digital campaigns, and creating and publishing more than 120 videos. They have served clients in various industry domains such as education, real estate, financial advisory, automotive, retail, F&B, and training.

Their value proposition goes beyond Digital Marketing, which is commonly offered by marketing agencies today. Instead, Learns Marketing leverages on Omni-Channel Branding and Marketing, which comprises channels such as Social Media Marketing, Video and Content Marketing, SEO and SEM, and Public Relations Branding. These channels enable them to provide an all-encompassing branding and/or marketing solutions for their clients.

Together, Colin and Jessica have written and self-published 2 books on Facebook Marketing, and conducted in excess of 30 workshops and courses impacting the lives of over 1,300 participants. They have also been interviewed on national radio – Capital 95.8.

Aside from running Learns Marketing, Colin is also the CEO of Yellow Pages Academy, where he leads a team of trainers to facilitate the learning of Digital Marketing for SMB owners.