According to Marius Kiniulis in his MARKINBLOG post entitled “12 Video Marketing Statistics,” there are 3 video marketing statistics you need to know (and 3 convincing reasons why you should utilise this powerful medium for your own brand).

STATISTIC # 1 People spend almost 7 hours a week online watching videos – That’s a big chunk of “time opportunity” businesses can take advantage of.

STATISTIC #2 More than half of customers want to see videos from their bands of choice, and video marketing is able to boost leads by more than 60% annually – Customers are more inclined to know more about your brand, and video marketing opens up new leads and opportunities.

STATISTIC #3 Almost 90% of marketers are using video as a marketing tool – This speaks volumes about how effective it is.

It really is one of the best mediums to use and the stats prove this. So why not give it a go, right?