These days businesses big and small need to have their branding on point. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a solid brand that customers can identify your business with.

No, it isn’t your logo or cool tag line or header – actually it is all those and more!

Especially in the world of digital marketing, your company’s brand and branding strategy is the personification of your business.

Since most everything is online, your branding is like the customer’s first impression of the “old school” physical business experience – think business frontage, lighting, furniture and design, plus the first impression of customer service and welcome all rolled into one! If you look at all these factors (and that’s quite a lot!), there’s a lot a potential customer consciously and unconsciously makes judgements on….

So, why is branding important?

It conveys who you are as a business and what you can do for customers. It’s either customers “get” your message and business or they walk away.

It conveys trust, reliability and protection. A solid brand impresses peace of mind for customers – they know you will deliver what they want and you will take care of their need.

It separates you from the competition – the ultimate goal is to have your business the first that comes to mind (brand recall) and the one customers will choose every time (brand loyalty)!

Now think about this: You have just that one chance when clients check you out online. It’s either customers “get” your message or they will just click on to the next.