Recently we’ve been getting some much appreciated mentions from clients about their experiences working with us.

Firstly, know that they truly warm our hearts and motivate us to become even 1% better every time.

Secondly, they reflected something that, I think, makes us at Team Learns unique and stand apart from the rest.

And it is best stated by Simon Sinek:

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

The mindset and culture of the company is important and it reflects in the way the company functions and works.

The team works together and gets great work done because of the company culture we all support – and that’s important and translates in the outcome.

So when challenges come along or things are not quite ideal like:

There’s something that doesn’t make a shoot or a scene perfect, no matter how small a detail; STOP, let’s fix it and make it perfect.


A whole different set up is needed to make a client’s vision be a reality, the team is quickly onboard to adjust and make everything just right.

There’s no mistaking (or ignoring) a team that works with a mindset like that.

If work and is just a job to you, then everything you need to do is just cookie cutter and there’s no caring about the small details. It makes the outcome BLAH – cookie cutter, as well.

If work is backed by a culture and mindset that makes the work something important – a passion… then everything else towards a great output falls into place.