If there’s one thing that great business people have in common — they know the value of setting goals.

Not only for themselves and their own personal affairs but also for their businesses.

The reasons behind this are simple and very straightforward, but that does not take away from the value of goal-setting and the rewards you can achieve by implementing this practice.

Why is goal-setting so important?

IT GIVES YOU A PLAN, DIRECTION AND FOCUS – You know where you want to go so it becomes easier to plan out the steps to achieving your goals.

IT STRENGTHENS RESOLVE AND MOTIVATION – Your priorities become clear when you’ve set your goals, motivating you to act. It also strengthens your resolve to shoot for them regardless of challenges or difficulties that you might come across.

IT PROMOTES COLLABORATION, COOPERATION & TEAMWORK – If goals for the business are communicated well, it allows team members to contribute their unique skills to achieve the goal.

IT SERVES AS A YARDSTICK TO SUCCESS – If you are specific about your goals, you are able to use this as a means to measure the progress of your team, not only for present goal attainment but also for future goal-setting.

Setting goals for your business is important and the rewards go beyond goal achievement. As you work towards meeting the goals that you set, you’re creating a positive business culture and increasing productivity overall, as well.