A walk around Orchard Road or any large malls and you’d see LED video displays outside the stores of established brands. Say for instance, Chanel – they play a metaphorical video of a couple dancing on the moon, and at the end of the video, their logo pops up. Such videos solely produce a feel good feeling and evoke the mood, personality and style that their brand portrays. Such forms of video, billboard and print advertisements are what we term “General Marketing” – because it produces a generic exposure of the brand to the masses but with no real purpose. Most established brands focus mainly on General Marketing only, unfortunately.

Conversely, we have Direct Marketing – where the product is only presented to targeted consumers who have a suspected interest or need for the product. For instance, buyers of a particular skincare brand may receive newsletters and coupons on more of the brand’s product offerings, directly persuading their target audience to take action. Such a marketing technique allows the audience to be targeted and the results are directly measurable. In today’s online world, our social media advertisements are a form of Direct Marketing. However, this is not a new technique! It has been around for ages, and David Ogilvy (1911-1999), who is known as the “Father of Advertising”, was one of the first to use Direct Marketing in advertising.

An example: DOVE. Do you know that the moisturising bath soap brand that we use now was initially marketed as a men’s deodorant in the 1950s?! But David Ogilvy changed the target market to women and marketed the soap as a moisturising bath bar that creams your skin, unlike soap that dries your skin. The message, “Soap Dries, Dove Creams – DOVE is one-quarter cleansing cream. It leaves your skin soft and smooth without the dry feeling caused by soap.” The advertisements were then directed at women with the message surrounding how these women are having the most extraordinary experience of their lives in their baths.

Watch the video above of David Ogilvy giving a speech on the importance of merging Direct Marketing with General Marketing.

In the video, Ogilvy predicted this about direct marketers (and this was in the 1960s!).
“I predict that the practitioners of general advertising are going to start learning from your experience. They’re going to start picking your brains. I see no reason why the direct response divisions of agencies should be separate from the main agencies. Some of you may remember when television people in agencies were kept separate wasn’t that idiotic? I expect to see the direct response people become an integral part of all agencies. You have more to teach them than they have to teach you. You have it in your power to rescue the advertising business from its manifold lunacies.”

Sadly, many established brands today still miss out this component of merging Direct Marketing with General Marketing in their videos. The result are feel good videos, but with no targeted intent.
Not us. At Learns Marketing, we make sure that every client’s video is directed at their target audience with a purpose. Speak to us today if you would like your marketing message specially crafted to suit your target audience 

Waynne Fan
Client Relations Manager