There are 3 types of traffic for your target audience – the hot, warm and cold traffic.

Hot is classified as those who already know your brand and who you are. They are familiar with your offerings and are already a follower of your brand. They are aware of the problems out there and its solutions offered – just waiting for you to offer a new solution to them.

Warm is classified as those who have heard of your brand, not so familiar with your offerings and are not followers of your brand. They are aware of the problems out there but are not aware of its solutions.

Cold traffic, as you may guess by now, are classified by those who have not heard of your brand, nor your offerings, nor the problems or solutions available.

As a small business, your traffic is most likely either cold or warm. Therefore, you need to let your target audience know about who you are, the problems faced out there, and your solutions to the problem.

To do that, start with personalising your brand. Let them know you – the founder of the brand, share your personal story on the problems you faced and what you have created to solve the problem. Next, educate your audience on what are the various problems out there within this industry of what you are doing, the solutions available, and why your solution is the best for them. These will have to be in a series of bite-sized videos so your target audience can absorb them bit by bit without feeling overwhelmed.

Reiterate the same key message again and again in different videos – because different people watch your videos at different times, and some will forget what you offer even if they have glanced through your video once. Do it so often, that by the time you start getting sick of what you are talking about, you will notice that it is the time when people will start noticing you!

I hope this sharing is helpful for you if you are intending to do up videos for your business, but isn’t sure of what to post. If in doubt, speak to us at Learns Marketing today! We will help to position you in your field, help you with the scripting and directing of your shoot so you don’t have to worry about how to engage your audience! 🙂

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Waynne Fan
Client Relations Manager