We’re in the second last month of the year! How time flies. How have you been connecting with your target audience this year, especially those in the cold market?

One of my clients asked me, “What’s the best, proven way to connect with your cold market on social media?” and I told her this, “If you want strangers to relate with you, and even get your long lost friends to reconnect with you; the best thing to do is to tell your story.”

They call this the Epiphany Bridge story: bring your audience into your shoes, let them relate to you through your story, and tell them your “aha-moment” of how you get started doing what you do and how it has helped you today. This in turn, can make your audiences understand what you do and spark the aha-moment in them as well.

Your Epiphany Bridge story is how you came to come up with the product you are promoting. Describe to them your reason for wanting to do what you are doing now. It could be any one of the following:

1) Experience – for instance, as a sales person you were cold calling everyday but it got you little results. Hence you got fed up and brainstormed a different way too resolve this, and found that publicising yourself through videos on social media gained you traction!

2) Aha-moment – You saw your real estate agent friend posting educational videos on property related information. So the Aha-moment was “Wow. What if I do that?”

3) Pressing need – you solved someone’s pressing need.

4) Observation – you observed a problem and came up with a solution.

5) Desire to serve or help others.

6) Resolving a pain from self or others.

Why is telling your own story important? Because while others can hack what you are selling, no one can hack your story – at the end of the day, people buy something from you because of who you are.

Over the past 4 years, Learns Marketing has done over 600 videos for our clients – and we are renowned for our beautiful storytelling videos, where we have the ability to make our audiences laugh aloud, cry along, or simply feel inspired with our clients through their videos. We craft the storyboard, script with you, prepare and direct your shoot to ensure that your video resonates with your audience.

So if you would like your story to be told, why not do that with us?