The Property Tour video – both a necessity and a curse to property agents.

It’s needed for many agents because it showcases the property that you’re selling, or even the branding you want to portray.

But the problem is… almost all property agents have been putting up cookie-cutter templated content that look the same, and by now, rather frowned upon by some viewers.

So how now?

Well, how about doing a Property Video that’s not only different… but it’s Different-er than any others…

We call this the Learns Inviting Property Video… and this is the 6th type of video that we have in our stable.

Watch this episode to see if you think this looks different. 🤗 Do let me know.

In the next video, I’ll share with you another type of video that we do here at Learns… especially for business owners who are selling products. Stay tuned! 😉

“Why be Different, when you can be Differenter?” – Colin Goh