Aren’t you amazed by the skill of content creators in telling their stories?

How they can take their audiences into the “world” they created and take you on a journey with just sounds and amazing visuals…

Great videos are not only visual and auditory, if you really think about it.

How they fill your senses and bring up so many emotions with just a few minutes (or even seconds) of footage is more than just skill… shall I say it is an art, too?

A great video isn’t just a video – it becomes an experience.

But are the angles, the footage, the dubbing and the editing all there is to it? I think not. Few are able to tap into that unique piece of the puzzle that makes a video an experience.

In one of Colin’s blogs, he calls it the secret sauce that makes the end product different-er.

Have I tickled your curiosity?

In so many videos that our Team Learns has made, there really is that special ingredient – that special sauce – that makes them so effective and so engaging.

Have you guessed what it is yet?

It is heart.

Our Team Learn’s secret sauce is the passion and the drive to give their best in each project they take on.

It’s also in the true and honest desire to get to know clients and take the time to brainstorm, strategise and create a plan that will be uniquely perfect and different-er for them.

It’s also in the great culture and working environment of collaboration and cooperation the team shares and enjoys.

This is the secret sauce which makes videos great. It’s not only in the angles and the shots and the plan.

There’s so much more that goes into it. It is knowledge, and skill, and an artful eye. But a lot of it is heart.

And all that shows in the final outcome.

-anmv for Team Learns-