Mission accomplished! 🎉🥳  Hand delivered all 20 boxes to our beloved retainer clients all over the island within the day!

When I posted this a few days ago on my timeline, friends asked me why I didn’t buy from a more reputable brand such as those from 5-star hotels.

Well, it’s very simple really…

To me, those 5-star hotels will have tens of thousands of orders without any need of advertising.

But for an SME, they need all the support they need.

Yes, Emicakes is actually an SME with a boss who is a good friend of mine. That’s why I prefer to support his brand rather than the big boys.

Besides, I was told that the taste is as good as those from the hotels. And because Emicakes’ weren’t really machine made in huge orders, I bet the consistency is better!

So really, during these times when many people need all the support they can get… remember to support your friends first, especially if they own an SME. 😉