Property videos are a very effective way to highlight and showcase the amenities your property has. Statistics show that video marketing for real estate and properties is the best way to gain awareness for their brand, get leads, and ultimately grow their businesses.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t get great results by just whipping out your phone camera and hitting the “record” button. A great property video is well crafted and engaging, and takes into account a few things in its messaging.

Tip: It’s always a good idea to scout around and choose a great company that can help you make the type of video you need.

🎯 HAVE A SOLID PLAN – Work with your video marketing provider and make a plan together. Make sure they know what your goals and expectations are. Great video marketers are able to collaborate with clients to help them get the best output.

🎯 TAKE YOUR BUYER INTO ACCOUNT – This is very important: buying a home is a personal experience for your buyers. It’s not only a monetary transaction but a personal investment. Remember: the goal is to connect with your buyer and be relatable, not just share facts about the property.

🎯 SELL THE EXPERIENCE, NOT JUST THE PROPERTY – As mentioned, your focus is the buyer. Highlight not only the features and amenities of your property, but also the benefits of the location and lifestyle that the area has to offer.

Property video marketing works. It’s a great investment for property owners and a good way to build your business and your brand.