This is how we do our shoots.

We don’t just put up the cameras and the lights, and shout “Action”…

If you’ve seen us at our game, you’ll see that a 15min shoot will take around 1 hour to set up… Why does it take this long?

That’s because we ensure the camera angles from all our cams are framed correctly with layers so as to introduce depth. That means rearrangement of furniture and props all the time. Even tiny things like an ornament that’s glaringly out of place will be removed.

Then comes the lights. At times, we use up to 6 to 8 lights for just 1 scene. In addition to the usual 3 point light (key, fill and back lights), we place ascent lights to fill the wall with colours so that they don’t look so flat, and other fill lights to hide harsh shadows.

Speaking of lights, we have to ensure our in-camera settings are done correctly too. Things such as the White Balance, ISO, aperture setting, shutter speed (especially when there’s flickering from the ceiling lights) have to be meticulously sorted out.

After the lights will be the audio. Using wireless mics can be a nightmare at times in a venue with lots of wireless devices. So at times, we’ll just record separately on an audio recorder!

Finally, we look out for everything on the cast… from his dressing to his spectacles,

And yes, for Andy’s case, even the shadows under his chin and specs are noticed before we roll.

So really, if you think we are the casual video makers, you’re really mistaken. But then again, our fees are at a fraction of what many big video production houses charge too.

What does this make Learns Marketing?

I guess we’re just Differenter!