This is what I have shockingly discovered after interviewing more than 20 people in the past few weeks for 2 positions at my company. 😳

First, let’s talk about their demographics.

Their age range spans from 18 to the late 40s, with around 75% of them with some working experience of 5 or more years. Around a third are Malaysians living in Singapore, and the rest are Singaporeans and PRs. Finally, 90% of them have lost their job recently, or they know they are on the verge of losing theirs. Oh, all but 1 are employees by the way.

Second, let’s talk about interview etiquette. All turned up for their interview calls thankfully. Frankly, I was half expecting a few millennials to be absent, but they proved me wrong. 😉👍🏼

A few logged in a few minutes late, which I thought shouldn’t had happened given there’s no commuting or losing their way since it’s literally just as simple as clicking on a link. And everyone who was late except one, was Singaporean.

Notwithstanding, the most impressive one logged into my meeting room over 15 minutes early! The second one was also more than 5 minutes early. Honestly, I couldn’t believe there are people who respect being early for interviews nowadays! 👍🏼👍🏼

But of course, there were the negative examples too. The most disrespectful one was surprised I gave her 45 minutes for the chat; she thought I will only take up 5 or 10 minutes of her time.😣

And why I thought she was disrespectful was that she cut me off when I said “let’s take the next 45 minutes for you to know my business and I better.” Shockingly, this person wasn’t a student… she was an active cabin crew.

Third, the expectations. And I reveal the most ridiculous of demands here…

With my Brand Ambassador role requiring around only 40+ hours a month of active work, with the rest done whenever and however he or she wants to to get more sales, guess how much basic salary some of them ask for?

Most requested for low 4 figures, which I can’t really judge if it’s high or low… but considering I don’t make them work more than 10 hours a week, I guess me not expecting a sky-high figure from them is reasonable, right?

The most daring was one ex-employee who must have been earning 5-figure salaries. He asked for $5k+ from me. That’s not salary, but basic pay, mind you! Obviously, I couldn’t afford him for even our interview. 🙄

But interestingly, there are 2 non-Singaporeans who asked to try out for free. Unfortunately, their demographics don’t fit what I’m looking for, as they needed me to renew their work permit for them which I wasn’t ready to.

Apart from salary, none asked about their leave entitlement and benefits. Perhaps they understand the nature of their roles?


2020 is an unprecedented year for almost anything that can go wrong, had gone wrong. And it’s global.

But I don’t think people know the gravity of what we are likely going to experience in 2021…

And judging by the attitudes of these applicants to Team Learns, I cannot see that these people, especially the Singaporeans, are treating their future seriously enough!

Coming on to the interviews late is one thing… Insinuating that 45 minutes is too long for her interview is another… But asking ridiculous basic salaries to do something they totally have zero knowledge or experience for drew the line for me.

To me, these people are just like many who want to work as little as possible, but want a high income… Perhaps, a good portion of Singaporeans are going to be doomed.

It’s just not the millennials like I thought would be the culprit. My this hiring experience proved me wrong. It’s actually the mid career employees who had it good before, who are the ones, I think, will be in deep trouble.

If they continue to think like they have all this while in the past years when things were all hunky dory, they might just be in for a rude shock come 2021 and beyond.

Jobs that used to pay well might become extinct, or at least scaled down drastically for machines or cheaper labour elsewhere in the world to take over.

Employers from the smallest of businesses to the largest of enterprises and organisations will probably not go back to the level of hire like before… relying on freelancers or outsourced agencies to hedge against increased uncertainties.

Expectations from the “saner” population have been managed to a lower level where the idea of working hard for money, instead of working smart, might just come back to fashion!

So really, if those people continue to be entitled, or be unrealistic enough to refuse to accept the notion that certainty in job securities might not return in at least 1 to 2 years more… if at all…

We might just be witnessing the onset of a financial depression where more and more people can’t, or won’t find jobs that don’t fit their utmost desires… so more and more people will not spend… causing more and more businesses to crash and burn.

Shocking discovery for me indeed. 😔